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   Parent Comments:


Our son is currently in 8th grade and started in middle school in Champion. The school has been providing excellent academic foundation. Especially if your kid is interested in math, no other school in the bay are comes close to this one - amount of time they spend in class, 1-on-1, math tournaments is just amazing. Speech & Debate is another highlight of the school. The school will guide kids to research the topic, build their own case and actively work with them in preparation. Its amazing to see even 5th graders winning middle school championship with their first debating tournament! My son recently appeared for High School Placement Test (HSPT) and managed to get accepted in schools of his choice. Without any additional tutoring, he achieved excellence certificates in both English and Math. I am sure his debating and academic achievements as well school recommendations helped him in a big way. Principal knows each and every kid. I am really touched when Principal cares not only about my 8th grader's academic progress but also his eating and sleeping habits! The school is extension to our family. We have a mixed feelings now, our son is ready for excitement of high school, at the same time he is going to miss out big time on loving and caring set up, he is in. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, thanks.

              - Vishwarupe Family


Champion School is one of a kind. My daughter is currently in Kindergarten and has been in this school for three years since she was three years of age. This school prides in its academic excellence but our main motivation at enrolling her then was that we felt the staff was very caring and compassionate which was very important for us at that age. My daughter has never complained about the school and she loves the school and the teachers very much. She enjoys learning here and look forward to going to school everyday.


This school is run by a great couple, whose teaching mechanism is excellent. They pay very close attention to kids and give lot of 1 on 1 attention to any kids who need it. The kids are also provided with treats for reading or participating in any kind of activity during this time. Which is very encouraging for the kids and they start to enjoy this time.

The fact I like the most is that after I pick up my daughter from the school I don't have to make her work on her homework. That is what I would expect at this young age. They also teach by assessing each individual kid's caliber, if your kid is capable of learning more they will help them with it.


They have debates, chess club and my daughter enjoys the PE classes which includes soccer and other sports. They also do performance and recently I got to see a wonderful and heartwarming performance by kindergarteners, a musical show based on 'Annie'. This school was recommended by one of the families who send both their kids here and have been very pleased with the school. I truly believe that this school is worth a shot if you are considering a private school.

              - Arvind Family


Our son started Champion school in 6th grade and is currently enrolled in the 8th grade. We were looking for a school with nurturing and supportive environment as well as great academic curriculum. The Champion school has turned out to be exactly what we're looking for in the middle school. The school offers advanced academic curriculum in Math, English, Science and Computer Programming, etc. subjects as well as excellent extra curricular activities such as Speech and Debate and various national Math tournaments. Our son ended up finishing Algebra II by the end of 7th grade. What amazed me about Champion school was the hard work put up by the teachers and school principle to bring out the hidden skills in the students. Our son loved the Speech and Debate program offered by the school and he excelled in the Speech and Debate program by constant encouragement of coaches and also won few trophies at various Speech and Debate competitions held by National Speech and Debate Association. Our son benefited tremendously from the support of school and teachers, teachers offering 1:1s on the regular basis after school to help our son. The 1:1 with teachers are offered at no extra cost. The unique style of teaching, small class size, the advanced curriculum with the minimum daily homework stands Champion school apart from many other schools in bay area. We are very glad that we chose Champion as the middle school for our son and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for school with well-rounded education and great academics.

               - Thakore Family


"I rarely post reviews, but I feel compelled as a parent to share my experience at Champion for the benefit of other parents looking for a good school for their young children. As a parent of 4 boys, I have experience with numerous schools, both private and public. Champion is unique in that the academic training that they impart to students is second to none. Plus, they have a philosophy of complete support, so that if a child is struggling in any area, he/she is provided one-on-one tutoring sessions - at no extra cost. Let me provide 2 experiences which directly speak to the high academic standards that Champion maintains and imparts to all its students. My children have been attending Champion for 5 years. Prior to attending Champion, they were all average students. My oldest graduated from Champion (8th grade) in 2012 and enrolled in 9th grade at a public high school - a very good school in Fremont which has an overall rating of 9/10. My son immediately started getting A's in Math and English without even putting much of an effort. The reason for this was that he felt he was repeating much of the material he had already studied at Champion in grades 6 and 7! Last year, my 2nd son joined a highly rated public school in Raleigh-Durham area in NC at 8th grade. Within the first semester, he was on the honor roll and was selected to represent his class at a breakfast with the County Commissioner of Schools! I can say without any reservation that Champion's unique approach to teaching and their rigorous academic standards have had a profound impact on the performance of my children. Thank you , Champion School.

             - Hashim Family


We are deeply grateful for everything this school has done for our 8th grader. Our child started here in fifth grade. Management is very caring, responsive and always gives us time if we have a concern. Our son is now much better in many many ways. In academics, sports, debate, languages and essay writing. Some days they ask the child to spend extra time at school with teachers when attention is needed in a subject or just for home work. They even give children practice for high school placement tests. When they say majority of the work in school, they truly mean it. We wouldn't want it any other way. After spending fours years here, our child is self sufficient, which is vital when a child goes to high school. They have excellent teachers for the demanding curriculum. As an example, our son studied lower level math at his previous school. But now, he comfortably handles Algebra 2 /Trig. We highly recommend this school.

                    - Murali Family


My son has been to Champion school for about 3 yrs now. He's in 2nd grade now. The teaching method and style is very much like Harker. Both my nephew and niece go to Harker in higher grades than my son. some times my family and the Harker kids are amazed that my son learns things that they've not even learnt yet. There's a lot of 1-on-1 teaching and kids are accelerated based on their level. Almost no pressure on parents. Very little homework and no need for parents to stress out with projects, book reports, etc. If you are in a school like challenger or stratford, you need to think about this school as it's much advanced and much less expensive.

      - Nithya Ranganathan, Parent 


"Thank you for doing a wonderful job.  My son Mohit is well adjusted socio-emotionally and is progressing in his academics.  Many parents ask me why I chose Champion School for my child and I tell them: have you read their web page.  My son Mohit is proof that every word of their web-site is true!  Keep up the good work."

      - Kulkarni Family   


My daughter is now in her third year at Champion School (2 year, 3 year, now pre-K). During these years we have observed tremendous progress, both academically and socially. We are very happy with the well rounded academic program (verbal, reading, analytical/math and social skills) at Champion school. We also really appreciate the 1-1 instruction that helped my kid, both, to reach her potential while raising her level of curiosity and enthusiasm to master new things. We are very happy with Champion school and would highly recommend this school to anyone.

      - The Bhamidipati family

My son started Champion School 3 years ago as a 5th grader. Having just immigrated from Russia, he was not able to speak or read English at all.. The school provided some excellent guidance and suggestions on how to immerse him in the English language over the summer break prior to school beginning. . The first year was simply amazing! My son went from not being able to speak or read English at all to participating in debates and making truly amazing strides forward. The second year included more debates and now the third year he's taking two advanced subjects! The caring, supportive and nurturing environment which is constantly associated with Champion School is not merely words, it is reality and it works! I'm truly amazed by what my son has been able to accomplish and by how much the teachers and staff truly care about the students and finding a way to help each one learn at their own pace. Thankyou, thankyou thankyou!.

        - Mr. Doug Coatney, Parent

"Thank you for the personal attention your school provides to Sebastian (preschooler).  We are amazed by his reading skill and writing own name at this age…"
       - Mr. & Mrs. Woo, Parents

Champion school has been like a second home to my kid. I saw an all round development of my son who completed his preschool (PRE-k) here. He learnt to sing, read, write ... overcome his shyness. The one- on- one program, the kids performances, the talent show, the kid-parent parties, have all contributed in the development of my child. My son just loves his teachers. I am amazed by the degree of individual attention the kids get in this school. Every child is made to feel special. 
        - Mrs. Srivastava, Parent


Champion Middle School is a great fit for our 7th Grader.  Java Programming, Debate, Soccer Coaching, Daily Math drills and minimal homework in a small class size setting make for a very stimulating, well rounded and a happy academic environment.  He and we love his new school."                                 - The Saxena Family

"...we were so excited to come across Champion. "My daughter has made amazing progress since she joined Champion school... She loves going to school. I would highly recommend this school."

                   - Maureen Grey, Parent

We are amazed at Sharva’s quick progress both academically and socially.  Since he joined Champion School, his confidence has increased.  He enjoys going to school every day and is eager to meet his teachers and friends.  His teachers are very caring and helpful.  Champion School makes complex things easier for kids.  He is proud of himself, completing all of his wonderful projects.  We highly recommend this school.                                       - The Santhakumar Family

When my daughter started at Champion school, she was very shy. But she was able to adjust very quickly because of the caring teachers and started liking to go to school within a month. The amount of learning she is able to achieve is also amazing. In just a few weeks (after starting preschool), she started to practice phonics on her own and started reading in one month. She just finished pre-kindergarten and is reading at 1st grade level. And all that is done in the school without any homework or much home tutoring. It is safe to say that their way of teaching is very effective and the staff are very caring. Socially my daughter also made many friends in school and is very active in classes

          - The Fu Family

"We visited at least 10 other preschools before we signed up...Oviya has shown high progress academically and socially...Champion is the best school... provides high academics in a very friendly environment with positive disciplinary method. We are very happy and proud that we made the right decision.
          - The Kamaraj Family

"The moment my son, Vincent, entered into Champion Preschool, he instantly fell in love with the school... He has excelled leaps and bounds. We are very proud of him and his new preschool."
- Jennifer Collado, Parent

"My 3 year old daughter enjoys preschool very much. She is very proud of her newly learnt reading and writing skills. She brings home her art projects and sings all the songs that she has learnt with glee. She is learning through the songs and play. I am very happy with the progress she has made after joining Champion Preschool. Thank you for making her early preschool experience a happy one."

          - Mona Moorkoth, Parent

"My two year old daughter and we love the preschool program at champion school.  I have seen her learn a bunch of good manners from the first day she started school. She loves her teacher and misses her so much while at home. We want to thank her teacher and the school for the love and nurturing environment they provide."
          - Sudarsan and Family

"...we were so excited to come across Champion Preschool. We knew right away that this was the place for our 2 year old son. Since attending Champion, Jacob's verbal and social skills have improved significantly. ...We truly feel that Champion preschool plays a vital role in Jacob's future academic success.  A big thank you to all the loving teachers at Champion School"
          - The Lepe Family

This new school is like mini Harker. They specialize in differentiated leaning/1on1 teaching program. There is a test to get in to their elementary school program and it is not easy. If you have a young child, start early from Champion preschool. Average Champion kids are one year ahead of Challenger. No excessive homework. Great extra curricular: Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish to choose from. PE, Soccer, Basketball. Music, Dance, Arts, Debate, Speech, Java, Logo, Robotics... All of these classes happen during school hour, so kids have more time to play after school. It would be nice if the school had more ethnic diversity, but I am sure that will change in a few years. Our child loves going to Champion school and that's what matters in the end. Great school!




We decided to transfer our kids from Challenger to Champion Preschool last year. We researched a lot before we transferred our kids. The Champion Preschool is probably the only school to provide 'differentiated instruction' for preschool age children in the Bay Area. In English and Math, teachers make a customized plan to each student's needs and strengths. Kids are grouped based on their ability. Every child gets one on one session regularly. As a result, all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability. Teachers are caring and loving. Our kids are thriving and very happy. They also have a wonderful Music and Art program. They invite a 'real pianist' to play piano every week while kids sing and dance . (At Challenger, they just sing along with CD) Overall it's great school. We highly recommend the Champion School to everyone! 




Its been just three days my son is going to Champion School for kindergarten this year. Truly well grounded staffs and wonderful head who offers help voluntarily by assigning the teachers to the kids who needs one on one attention voluntarily there by making the kids to excel well and making them to reach the next level. I highly support and recommend this school to anyone who really wants a well grounded education combined with great values. 



My son completed his kindergarten here and we are extremely happy at the progress he's made. From just knowing phonics, he's able to read extremely well and can spell such hard words that is difficult for my 2nd grade niece who's in a top Private school. His Math skills has also gone up to that of a 2nd grader. I would recommend this school definitely well above Challenger and Stratford. Lot less pressure on parents.




I just love this school. My son is in Pre-K and he is already reading fluently. The teachers are friendly and give lot of individual attention. The principal is very involved in all the activities. It is way ahead of Challenger and Stratford schools.



I love the elementary school. It is very well rounded. My child is in 2nd grade. She is doing extremely well academically, when I compare her to my older child, who went to Stratford. They also have a great sports and arts program.




Excellent Elementary School. The best thing is that I have peace of mind that my 2 sons are in such a caring environment. I can't say enough about the principal's personal attention to every detail. My Kindergartner is reading at a grade 3 level.  He is able to do additions and subtractions with borrow and carry. They are actually doing hands-on science experiments. He is learning Soccer and Basketball. There is music and dance. The most important thing: I don't have to come home and do homework with him. He is learning all this at School. My Stratford and Challenger friends think that that my son must be brilliant. I wish I could give all the credit to my son. When I talk to my friends at Champion School, I realize that virtually all of the parents have a similar experience. The school must get at least some of the credit





I love the middle school. My child is in the 6th grade. He has excelled academically and socially here. Their academics are higher than most other private middle schools, and the best thing is that we did not have to do hours of homework.




 Student Work Samples:


In the illustration below, the work samples are from January 2015:


Pre-Kindergarten Students:

A is arithmetic work from an extremely advanced child,  B is arithmetic from a an advanced child, C is a cutout of a handwriting board-work  from a typical Pre-K student and D is reading ability of an advanced student, which in the prior year represented 75% of the Pre-K students.  Note: Preschool children do not get any homework, and the time devoted to non-academics activities in the half day program is more than 50% of the half-day.


First Grade Students:

The work-samples above demonstrate how each child is allowed to learn at his/her own pace.  Work-samples above represent the most advanced concepts being learned by 3 different students A, B and C in first grade.  We genuinely do customize our curriculum for each child.  The other point the above work samples illustrate is that kids have amazing ability to learn as long as we don't underestimate them and encourage and support them in a well-rounded and stimulating environment -- these students have a lot of time devoted each day to a rich set of creative, social and physical co-curricular activities.


Fifth Grade Students:

The student work above illustrates not only how advanced Champion students are, but also the emphasis on deep learning and rigor.  Work-sample A: 100% of continuing 5th graders are studying Algebra-I.  Work-sample B: Even subjects such as science and social studies, students are expected to answer questions in prose (not multiple-choice).  This leads to a deeper understanding of the subject as well as it leads to developing writing skills. Work-sample-C: Kids are expected to learn each of the meanings of a word and apply the word in a sentence. 

In addition to the academic progress whixh  is likely among the top 0.1% of the students in the US, Champion students participate in a very rich set of co-curricular activities and their homework load is probably less than 1/2 of a school with high standards.  We want our students to have rich, well-rounded, happy childhoods.

Unique Characteristics:


The prevailing approach to schooling is more than a century old where one teacher, one classroom, a set curriculum and a group of 20-30 kids of a certain age work together as a grade for a year.  The system is optimized for what an average teacher in an average school district teach an average class of 25-30 students.  There is not sufficient consideration for the individual student's abilities, progress, motivation, family support system.... What if we came from an opposite perspective -- what can we do to optimize our priorities, teaching methods,  processes and staffing to help an individual child reach his or her maximum potential? Would we do things differently?  That is what Champion School is about.  We are redefining what a school should be.  Ten years from now most schools will be much more child-centered  like Champion.

Here are a few aspects of what makes Champion School unique.

Unmatched Level of 1on1 and extra help:  These extra help sessions are crucial to accelerating the rate at which a child learns.  Which in turn frees up time for other co-curricular and social activities crucial for a child's overall growth and development.

Individualization/ Customization:  Unlike a typical school, it's not a one size fits all approach where every child must learn the same curriculum irrespective of his/her academic progress or abilities.  For example, if a child is new to the school, or if a child is very advanced and progressing at a different rate, the school adjusts and creates a customized plan.  This requires a lot of administrative effort/oversight that simply is not practical if the lone classroom teacher were responsible for adjusting to the abilities of each child.  Champion has dedicated staff members who create these named customized worksheet packets for each elementary school student in the school.  The child sitting next to your child is likely doing different work based on his/her progress.  

This is only possible because Champion has a team of additional teachers and dedicated curriculum planning/implementation staff to back up the classroom teacher to help students progress at their own pace.  This creates a multiplier effect on an individual teacher's effectiveness.

Small class size:  Every child gets focus and attention, not just the gregarious or assertive ones.

Top 0.1% in the US: Academic achievement of an average Champion Student is likely in the top 0.1% of students in the US.  Here are a few examples:

§  100% of Champion's continuing 4th graders were learning Pre-Algebra or Algebra-1 in 4th grade.  This is typically done in 7th, 8th or 9th grade in most schools.  Additionally, this was done as a natural progression of a child's progress.  The students were  very comfortable with this as their natural pace.

§  100% of continuing Champion students are 1-3 levels more advanced in reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills as compared to other elite private schools.

§  70% of Pre-kindergarten students were fully proficient in reading, writing and multi-digit addition and subtraction while devoting two-thirds of the day to social non-academic activities.

Among the most well-rounded programs anywhere:  If one compares the list, as well as the quality of co-curricular activities that are offered at Champion, it is second to none.   The list of activities includes:  Visual Arts, Performance Arts, 2nd Language, Computer Science (Terrapin Logo), 

The list also includes activities that are unique to Champion, such as:  

§   Computer Science (JAVA), 

§   Coaching in sports (Soccer and Basketball), 

§   Public Speaking, 

§   Debate, 

§   Coaching/participation in Math competitions, 

§   Coaching/participation in Science competitions, 

§   Coaching/participation in Speech & Debate competitions.

It is our observation that as a whole, Champion is probably among the top 0.1% of schools in the US that offer so many different  experiences/ activities/opportunities as a part of the school program.

The goal is to inculcate analytical, critical/strategic thinking, communication skills self-confidence, and leadership skills over their journey through the school years. 

Unmatched Return on Time Investment  (RoTI):  Time is an extremely precious resource, particularly as it relates to children’s education and happiness.  RoTI is a critically important metric as a high RoTI call be leveraged to improve both the level of academic progress as well as overall development of broad set of  life skills, opportunities for exploration, pursuit of individual passions and overall happiness.  Education should be fun and where a child gains a full spectrum of knowledge and experiences




Elementary / Middle School:


Top 6 Reasons You should Choose Champion School:

  1. Accelerated Academic Progress enabled  by Unmatched levels of Extra (free) Academic Coaching, which increases the likelihood that the kids fully understand the concepts being taught in class.

  2. Unique Child-Centered Approach with Individualization and Personalization, fosters an environment that is neither 'boring', nor stressful, which fosters a love of learning, and enables children to perform near their Peak Potential.

  3. Executive Skills Development:

    • Critical/ Strategic Thinking

    • Communication,

    • Leadership Skills

  4. Rich Co-curricular Program Includes Coaching/ Participation in:

    • Sports: Soccer and Basketball

    • Visual Arts

    • Performing Arts

    • 2nd Language: Spanish or Mandarin

    • Computer Science

    • Public Speaking and Debate

    • Field Trips

  5. Opportunities to Compete:

    • Math

    • Public Speaking

    • Debate

    • Writing

    • Science

    • ,,,

  6. Maximum Free Time to Pursue Extra-curricular Interests and Passions -- Most of Champion students participate in multiple after school activities and compete at regional, state and national level.  Together with our parents, we feel it is important that the kids should have the time and the opportunity to identify and hone their talents.


Well-Rounded, Challenging Program

Champion School offers a broad, challenging curriculum, on par with the very best schools in the world.  Due to Champion School's unique and innovative child-centered approach, an average Champion School student's progress is likely in the top 0.1% of students in the US.  For example, 100% of Champion 4th graders learned either Pre-Algebra or Algebra-1 last year.  While most 8th grade students complete Algebra-2 so far, most of the current 4th and 5th graders are on a trajectory to complete either Pre-Calculus or Calculas-1 by 8th grade.  None of this is achieved by excessive amounts of homework.  It is achieved through nurturing and unmatched level of support and extra academic help at school.  There is not only a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation of math skills but students are also coached for math competitions which further develops their abstract reasoning skills.  Nine Champion School students won awards at the 2014 National Math Kangaroo competition.  You can learn more here.  Champion school's program in Science and English Language Arts (ELA) is similarly very advanced.  ELA is taught holistically through out the school day, even in other subjects such as Science and History/Geography.  Students are expected to write long form answers to questions, not just multiple choice Q&A.  ELA itself is taught rigorously with individual periods devoted to vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, literature and writing.  As students enter upper elementary grades, ELA program is further complemented by focus on public speaking and debate.  Which is an essential part of our program to foster critical/strategic thinking and persuasive communication skills.  As students progress through upper elementary and middle school grades, kids are offered opportunities to participate in complex hands-on science and engineering projects.  Some of the more advanced are submitted for competitions such as the Synopsys Science Fair.  last year, nine students participated in the Synopsys Science Fair and seven of them won awards.  Two Champion School projects were finalists for the Synopsys Outreach Foundation's Next break through in Science and Engineering award, out of a total of eight finalists.  One of the Champion projects also ended up winning the top award.  You can learn more here.

While Champion's academic program is among the best in the world, that's just the beginning.  Champion's focus is the whole child.  Champion fosters each child's academic, creative, critical thinking, social and leadership abilities.  Champion wants its students to be great communicators and be confident in all situations.  Champion strives to provide every child with all the tools necessary to be a leader of tomorrow. 

That's why Champion places so much emphasis on all the non-academic activities.  No matter what path a student takes in life, these skills are life skills and required to be successful in his/her chosen career. 

Note: Starting in the 2013/2014 school year, Hindi will no longer be offered as a 2nd language option.

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Please see the Champion School Elementary and Middle School Parent handbook here.









Top 5 Reasons you Should Choose Champion School:

  1. Safety, Safety, Safety.  Nothing is more important.  This is equally true about upper grades as well.

  2. A nurturing and stimulating environment as well as a clean, spacious and beautiful facility -- A happy child is more open to learning.

  3. A well-rounded program which includes:

    • Critical/ Strategic Thinking

    • Communication,

    • Leadership Skills

    • Art and Crafts

  • Performing Arts

  • Music and Motion

  • Structured and Free Play

  • Story Time

  • Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Social/ Emotional Development

  1. Individualization and Customization:  Every child, particular when he/she is of preschool age,  progresses at her/his own pace.  We provide each child with significant additional (free) 1on1 academic coaching and allow her/him to progress at her/his own pace.

  2. Academics –Please see the work samples for advanced Pre-Kindergarten students (2nd column from left).  The advanced Pre-K students are usually 50% - 75% of all Pre-K students in a typical year.  Your child has a beautiful mind too, as long as you don't constrain her/his development, and you place your child in an environment that is nurturing and stimulating.


Well Rounded, Fun and  Stimulating Program

Champion School offers a well rounded preschool program to nurture academic, creative and social abilities of every preschooler.  The preschool program is hands-on and stimulating.  We strive to make the environment like a 2nd home: comfortable, caring, nurturing and fun.  A vast majority of the day is devoted to creative and social/fun activities.  Preschoolers must enjoy coming to school.  That only happens if there is time for fun, play and socialization.  Only then do they open up to learning.

Preschoolers Achieve Their Maximum Potential

Thanks to it's unique teaching methods, unmatched 1on1 attention, sophisticated assessment processes and a culture of high expectation, Champion preschoolers do extremely well both academically and socially.  For example, last year, 70% of pre-kindergarten students were fully proficient in reading and were able to read Chapter Books.  Last year, 70% of the students were also able to perform multi-digit addition and subtraction with borrow and carry and were ably to write complete passages on three line paper. Every 3 year preschooler enrolle in our 5 day program learns to read 1-vowel word books.  Every 4 year preschooler enrolled in our 5 day program learns to read 2-vowel word books.  Many preschoolers who have been with us from the time they were 2 years old do even better than our baseline goal, as stated earlier.  All this is achieved without any pressure on kids or the parents and without making any compromise on a child's play, socialization time.  Kids must be allowed to be kids. 

More information about Champion School policies and procedures can be found in the Parent handbook.



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