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A Few Recent Parent Reviews


"Great academics, truly stretches your child's ability without stressing them out. My preschooler learned more than I could hope for and she loved going to school everyday. The administration are great but there is room for improvement in communicating." - Catalina C.


"Champion School has always been the second home for our kids, they literally grew there from toddlers and we are very grateful for that. Eleven years ago, we were looking for a good pre-school for our 2.5 year old kid. We visited at least 10 different schools before we zeroed in on Champion. Champion School provides high academics in a very friendly environment with a positive disciplinary method. In addition to academics, Champion School also provides excellent debate coaching, robotics classes, Java and Logo programming and public speaking. The principal, Ms. Muna is very supportive and even kept tabs on our kids' education progress during our temporary relocation. She was encouraging my child who was in a different country and even sent her wishes for our child's achievements. You will never see a debate coach like Mr. Sandeep. He knows how to pick the brains of the students to bring out critical thinking. Mr.Sandeep is always there for each debate tournament, the first one to come in and the last one to leave during an all-day 12-14 hour tournaments. All the credit of my elder one's debate wins goes to Mr. Sandeep & Ms. Muna. My little one who is in 4th grade now says Mr. Sandeep is the best debate coach in the world . We are proud that we made the right decision to pick Champion and if we have to do all over again, we will do the same thing without a second thought!"   -Kathi S.


"our children have been going to Champion for over 5 years, and have had a great experience. the school has a high standard for academic excellence (many of the kids are studying materials several grades above their age group), and the teachers spend time with kids to help customize curriculum to their needs, as well as lots of 1:1 time. the founders of the school are very thoughtful and caring, and have modeled the principles for the school based on the needs and successes of their own children. we are very happy with our experience at Champion and would highly recommend the school to other parents."   - Dave M.


"My kid has been in Cupertino public schools for most of his schooling, and we needed a school that can challenge him to get even better and round him out academically. We went through all the usual private schools including Champion school for admission. We have previous experience with Challenger and Stratford. We decided to give Champion a try as my kid liked what they had to offer. At the beginning i was skeptical about the delivery of all the things they had in their curriculum, which i thought were mere check list to attract kids to their school.It has been 5 months since my son started the school. I am pleasantly surprised at their passion to educate kids. I have to say they know what each kid needs to get better as an individual. They have delivered on every item they said they will work with my kid and were pretty honest about sports is not one of their strength upfront. Be it debate or synopsys or programming, my kid loves all the variety of exposure he gets in one place."    - Arul I.


“This school is like a mini-Harker. A lot of attention is given to Math and Science education, without compromising other subjects. Middle schoolers learn Java programming and Spanish/Chinese as part of the curriculum. The best thing about this school is that they have an excellent debate program where the school has won several championships. All this is part of the curriculum and not an afterschool program. My child thrives on challenges offered in this school and has blossomed into a more confident person!!!”   - Parent at


“Our son started Champion school in 6th grade and is currently enrolled in the 8th grade. We were looking for a school with nurturing and supportive environment as well as great academic curriculum. The Champion school has turned out to be exactly what we're looking for in the middle school. The school offers advanced academic curriculum in Math, English, Science and Computer Programming, etc. subjects as well as excellent extra curricular activities such as Speech and Debate and various national Math tournaments. Our son ended up finishing Algebra II by the end of 7th grade. What amazed me about Champion school was the hard work put up by the teachers and school principle to bring out the hidden skills in the students. Our son loved the Speech and Debate program offered by the school and he excelled in the Speech and Debate program by constant encouragement of coaches and also won few trophies at various Speech and Debate competitions held by National Speech and Debate Association. Our son benefited tremendously from the support of school and teachers, teachers offering 1:1s on the regular basis after school to help our son. The 1:1 with teachers are offered at no extra cost. The unique style of teaching, small class size, the advanced curriculum with the minimum daily homework stands Champion school apart from many other schools in bay area. We are very glad that we chose Champion as the middle school for our son and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for school with well-rounded education and great academics.”   - Parent at