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Open House: Jan. 13th

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5670 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124


Top 3 Reasons to Join Champion

Well-Rounded Excellence


  1. Unmatched FREE 1-on-1 Academic Coaching in School

  • Typical Academic Progress is likely in the Top 0.1% in US

  • Unmatched Excellence in:

    • Math

    • Debate

    • Science

    • Coding

    • English

    • Performing Arts

  • More Free Time for Pursuit of Extra-curricular Passions

  1. Higher Order-Thinking Skills Development

  • Logical

  • Critical

  • Abstract

  • Strategic / Creative

  1. Leadership Skills Development

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity / Innovation


Work-Sample: 2nd Grade


A Few Student Achievements in 2016-2017

Even Smart Kids Need Opportunities

and Coaching

Academic Excellence is at the Foundation of Everything that We Do

Work-sample: 5th Grade

A Few Parent Comments

"This School is like a Mini-Harker"



"I wish we had found this school when our older daughter was younger.  There is no other school like this"



" Wow, my 5th grader is learning Algebra-I, without any stress."


"We are truly amazed and thankful for all of the 1on1 help Champion provides our kids"


"For a small school, it is truly amazing how many opportunities Champion offers my son to develop important life skills such as Public Speaking, Debate, Drama/Dance, Sports..."


"My 5th grader has become extremely inquisitive and aware of the world that we live in.  The debate program really inculcates critical / creative thinking skills necessary in the 21st Century.  There is nothing like this anywhere else"


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Introducing After-School Program